Dom Magwili

Audiobook Narrator, Actor, Author, Asian American Lecturer, Director

“I want the wide American Earth”
— Carlos Bulosan
The above quote is from Pilipino American writer Carlos Bulosan, I want the Wide American Earth. It speaks of the conviction and aspirations of Asian Pacific immigrants coming to America. It outlines their influences in guiding the evolution of their new homeland.

Notes from a Creative Heart

Greetings and Salutations, everybody!

It was the 1970s. I was graduating from the University of San Francisco. I had gone through many changes. I started in competitive speech and debate but discovered acting in my Junior Year. By graduation I found myself in an entrance interview for the Acting Program of the American Conservatory Theatre. It was there I said, in a trembling voice, that yes, I was a professional actor.

After that I made my way down to Los Angeles to seek my fortune. Got married. Got grandchildren. Got great grandchildren. It’s a life.

But in those days, it was in L.A. that I pivoted into Asian American Theatre and Asian American Studies. The Vietnam War was still raging. The Civil Rights movement was present. The Black Panthers. The effects of the grape strike persisted. Viva La Raza! The Yellow Brotherhood continued. Ethnic Studies was being fought for. Specifically, for me, Asian American Studies was being fought for. We wanted to claim our American history and experience.

Up to this time, any Asian roles of substance usually went to non-Asian people. I give you all the Charlie Chan actors of the movies. There was this growing tsunami among Asian American performers that life had to be better than this. It was! BUT we would have to do it ourselves. Hence, I worked not only as an actor but also as a playwright, a director, a producer, a screenwriter, a movie director, a novelist, an audio book narrator. I became hyphenated by necessity.

My instincts are entrepreneurial. They are creative and persistent. In 2022, the internet is the new frontier and I aim to stake my claim.

This is my website and you are welcome.

My Services

Dom Magwili, Audio Book Narrator

Audiobook Narration

Let Dom Magwili’s over 30 years of experience in performance, story writing, and development enhance your stories in audio.


Acclaimed performer and actor. Who described as "…absolutely spellbinding… By just marching onstage, he fills the theatre with an electrifying presence.”
Pictured above with Sandi Massie


Dom is a produced writer for stage, tv, film, and the internet. His writing has evoked comments such as "funny and touching” as well as “universal feelings of love, camaraderie."

Dom News

Anne Marie Lewis

Femme Audio Takeover event with Anne Marie Lewis

This amazing talent is my friend Anne Marie Lewis. She is reading from a selection of a novel I’m working on, The Scientific Dragons. It is a steampunk adventure where historical figures meet literary characters. It blows me away to hear someone else read my words. It is an honor. Salamat, Annie Marie.

Watch the video here, requires a Facebook login

Fantasy book released by Asian American studies professor

So grateful to do a book event at Charlie’s Coffee House. I was given a table and many friends dropped by. Many thanks for the support.

Collaborative Alchemy Podcast

Collaborative Alchemy Podcast

Host Sarah Greenman talks with Dom about the origins of his literary style in this episode of her podcast, Dom Magwili; Superheros, Sci-Fi, and Self-Expression.

Listen Here

Dom Magwili at The Echo Park Library

Echo Park Library

This is my book presentation at the Echo Park Library sponsored by the Carlos Bulosan Book Club. I was blessed with attendance from new friends, old friends, and students. Their support humbled me. I am grateful.

Interview with Elise Arsenault

Elise Arsenault, founder of Audiobook Adventurers, did an in depth interview on Instagram Live about my book, my life as a novelist, an actor, a teacher of Asian American Studies, and artist. My thanks to Elise for giving me a space and time to talk.

Fantasy book released by Asian American studies professor

Dom Magwili, an actor, author and Cal State Fullerton Asian American Studies professor, returned to CSUF for the first launch of his new book, “The Infernal Promise,” in person and on Zoom on Tuesday. He also… (read full article at The Daily Titan)

Video Link to be posted